Add Breathability To Your Privates With Intymen Irreverent Bikini

Intymen Irreverent Bikini

With a model so hot, why would go anywhere else to please one’s eyes? Well, the model in the image tends to catch my attention all the time and me really him being a man myself. I have seen him doing a lot of photo shoots for the classic men’s underwear brand Intymen and I have been following him since then.

Coming down to what he’s wearing in the photo, well he’s not wearing anything to be specific, except Intymen Irreverent bikini that compliments his physique as well as the eyes of the viewers. With the turquoise color so bright, if you look at the deeper details, you’ll find that the entire bikini underwear is made with mesh that allows a lot of air to pass through. The solid colored pair features conventional cuts on the sides as well as ample coverage in the rear.

Made out of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, you get the stretch and a lot of flexibility to jump, run and do whatever you planned to do. With the vast amount of stretch provided by spandex, nylon brings along moisture-wicking features, comfort and durability.  So what are you waiting for? Go on and check out for more pairs, like this fashion underwear.


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