Show Off Your Masculinity With Agacio Basics Bikini

Agacio Basics Bikini Black

Showing off your best assets is an art and if you do that right, you’re almost done if getting what you actually want. The model in the image is exactly how I would want to get cozy in my bed (but not alone) wearing nothing except my men’s underwear.

With something like Agacio Basics Bikini, you’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything down there because of the comfort and support you get. Made of 94% modal and 6% spandex, you would be almost wearing luxurious fabric down there for the best feeling of softness, comfort, breathability, durability and sweat absorption.

Coming down to the construction, you’ll find barely there sides because of no fabric, a comfortable yet enhancing pouch and a conventionally larger seat coverage for comfort throughout the day. Available in manly colors like red, black, white, royal blue, turquoise and charcoal, you can choose something for your masculinity.

Agacio Basics Bikini Black

Check out the sexy underwear with functional qualities at the men’s underwear store.


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