Why Should You Go For Intymen Bikini Briefs?

The very thing to be asked here is- Have you ever tried men’s bikini brief before? Well, if you haven’t worn it for yourself and believe it to be a woman’s novelty then let me tell you that bikini brief is a delectable combination of bikini and men’s briefs. The support of latter and coverage of the former, you can get the best of both the worlds.

Intymen Irreverent Paradise Bikini Brief Black/Turquoise

Intymen has put forward an exceptionally sporty cum fashionable assortment of the respective men’s underwear style for you all out there. However, the question you need to ask is- what makes Intymen Bikini Briefs so special?

Let us look at the reasons below.

1. Designs: The very first thing that you notice in the pieces offered by Intymen is the range of designs. With the perfect use of mesh and mesh panels in the pouch or sides as well as in the rear, the products in the inventory are visually very appealing and some are tempting as well.

2. Fabric composition: Majority of the products is made of 78% nylon and 22% spandex while others also have polyester content as well. A comparatively large amount of spandex will let you do anything and everything possible. Apart from this, the use of mesh is what makes them so breathable and fancy down there. The mesh is not only a fabric, it is a functional feature that means a lot to the male anatomy.

3. Cuts: At the first glance, you won’t be able to make out the differences easily, but in terms of cuts, the fabric coverage varies in the sides.

4. Pouch option: Coming down to the most important of them all- the pouch designs in the bikini briefs are made to stay away from the legs (to prevent chafing) with a center seam that allows the manhood to be comfortable with the extra space. The contouring feature streamlines the manhood and adds the visibility factor as well.

With these, the colors provided by the brand are also exceptionally vibrant and tasteful. You can check out the collection at intymen.com.


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