Get a dash of sensuality with the bikini briefs of Intymen

You need not hide behind you clothes when you have a well-toned body, like this model. The good looks of the model is complemented by the wonderfully built physique and the only thing that he is wearing, that is, the underwear. Adding to the sensuality is the unique color combination.

Intymen Vibrant Bikini Brief White/Orange

Image of the model wearing the Intymen underwear is evident that the brand is focused in the providing the most sassy men’s underwear. The highlight of the Intymen Vibrant Bikini Brief, that the man is wearing, is the style along with the support that it provides to the wearer.

The sexy and body-defining style of the bikini briefs is made of ultra soft fabric that is a blend of nylon and spandex. The combination of white and orange will turn out to be a pleasant change from the regular colors of men’s underwear. The underwear comes in various sizes, right from small (S) to extra large (XL). You can get the perfect fit for your self.

Don’t follow the herd, get your bikini briefs at and become the trend-setter for others to follow.


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