Glamorize Your Manhood With Otzi Bikini Print

Otzi Bikini Print

If you are looking at the model and thinking that he’s too hot to handle, you must take a look at his only piece of clothing that makes him so sexy and dashing. Well, the model is wearing Otzi Bikini that is equally masculine, sensuous and supportive on the male anatomy.

Designed to make your partner go crazy, the prism-like print features a variety of colors including pink, blue, black, white and gray all over the fabric. Made of 86% polyester and 14% spandex, the fabric composition will leave your manhood comfortable, dry/sweat-free, flexible and for the dual purpose. Well, the dual purpose here refers to the fact that the fabrics used in the sexy underwear make it perfect to be worn as men’s underwear as well as men’s swimwear.

Otzi Bikini Print

Featuring ample coverage in the front and rear, the sides are left to be flaunted. When you try on the respective men’s bikini underwear, you’ll find that the contouring pouch offers to shape up to the masculinity and a lot of comfort with ample space for it to settle down. The black elastic waistband with same colored leg piping, the manly piece becomes even hotter.

You can find many more pieces at


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