Go Crazy With The Subtle Style of Good Devil Bikini

Good Devil Zoom Bikini Black

Good Devil is known for making the most sexy underwear in the world. However, the one that the model in the image is wearing, is a bit different. This bikini is for those men who want to try the skimpy style, but don’t like the revealing underwear designs.

The Good Devil Zoom Bikini features a low rise fit and a well contoured pouch. As the name suggests, the underwear zooms into the perfect area, thus, providing full coverage at the rare and the front. Anyone can try this bikini, unlike the other erotic designs of the brand, which is only for the men who dares to be wild. It’s pouch perfectly holds the package and keeps it in place.

The fabric consists of 85% nylon and 15% spandex, that ensures comfort, allowing you to wear it at any place. Despite it’s subtle design, this bikini matches every expectation of the user, in terms of quality and sexiness.

Experience sensuality in a subtle way with these zoom bikinis. Visit gooddevil.com and shop from the unique as well as exotic collection for the crazy designs of underwear.


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