Spring Up Your Intimate Life With Cover Male Evolution Bikini Brief

The moment I saw got the Cover Male Evolution Bikini Brief for review, I knew I had to write about it because the product looks so sexy and stylish without being too out-of-the-box. The very fist thing that made me feel good about the part bikini underwear part briefs was the touch provided by the fabric composition. The luxurious appeal of the pair is a result of 94% nylon and 6% spandex.

The next aspect that soothes the eyes is the striped pattern that relaxes your eyes. Nothing glittery, no modern pouch options and just a simple design that brands hardly think in today’s time is what the bikini brief provides. Part horizontal part vertical stripes with a manly grey color look good to the eyes as well as to the manhood.

In terms of coverage, you’d get more than a true bikini would provide as well as lesser than a true brief would make it sexier than conventional tighty whiteys. Broad stitch all over gives a modern touch to the pair whereas; no visible waistband is all time comfortable on the waistline.

Find out more sexy pieces available at covermale.com.


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