Get the coolest style of bikini for the upcoming fall

PetitQ Bikini Gladiator Black

The model in the image seems perfectly ready to welcome winter in his super cool pair of underwear. The exotic collection of PetitQ includes all the styles of men’s underwear in the unique and exorbitant colors.

This underwear is the PetitQ Bikini Gladiator Black. It covers the front and the rare of the wearer completely, still manages to look exceptionally sensual. The soft fabric of the underwear is stretchable and has moisture wicking property. The asymmetric design features thin strap and mesh. The contour seamed pouch can boost the visibility of the entire package. The best thing about the pouch is that it is designed in such a way that it lets your manhood breath. It provides a snug-fits and feels great all day long.

This bikini underwear along with many other style is available in various color combinations at the online underwear store of You just need to choose the color that tempts your personality as well as your partner. So, visit the site and get the coolest and coziest style at the best possible prices.


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