Types of Men’s Enhancing Underwear

Do you own a pair of men’s enhancing underwear? Now if you go on and check your top drawer, you really have no idea what kind of male underwear styles you have. Well, enhancing apparel styles are huge when it comes the types the same has. Often called as pouch enhancing underwear, what does the style actually do?  Enhancing underwear for men is the category of men’s underwear styles that are designed with unique techniques to lift the shaft and its visibility down there. The pouch of the respective styles has unique technologies that lift the manhood in order to portray a better personality.  What are the various types of enhancing underclothing styles? Let us look at them below.

1. Cock ring underwear: Well, there’s c-ring and then there’s men’s cock ring underwear. The latter is all about a piece of fabric that looks more ring-like and is worn as a wristband. This is specifically for the manhood and fixes itself around the shaft as well as the balls to put forward the assets. It is more like a bare feeling down there but the purpose is fulfilled.

2. In-built C-ring: This one is the former version of the cock ring and is functionally designed in the pouch of the apparel style itself. With either a metal/plastic ring attached to the pouch or just a string-like structure that is tied around the manhood and works the same way the above type does. Many brands use this easy way to enhance the visibility of the bulge within the pants. With a ring built in the pouch through which the shaft passes through and stays lifted.

3. Thick outline piping: This is probably the easiest way of enhancing your assets. With the help of a thick piping on the outside of the pouch, going from one end to the other lifting the manhood. Well, this is what they called anatomically enhancing the manhood for a bigger bulge down there. You can find this in a variety of styles like men’s bikini underwear, boxer briefs and others as well.

Pouch Enhancing Bikini

4. Contouring: Last, but definitely not the least is the contouring pouches. It is also one of the most commonly used methods among all the others when it comes to raising the position of the privates. Contouring basically involves a pouch that is predetermined and shapes up the manhood according to the shape of the pouch. Moreover, the shape of the pouch is mostly made to look enhanced or erected to provide a bigger bulge.

Which one do you have in your closet? Do let us know in the comments below.


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