Add Breathability With Intymen Bikini Brief

One of the newest additions to the inventory of Intymen men’s underwear is the collection of men’s bikini brief. Being an ultimate combination of men’s brief underwear and bikini, this style features higher cuts in comparison to the conventional tighty whiteys. Intymen has coined its name in the industry for its supportive and masculine image.

The product that we’ll be talking about in this blog is the Intymen Vibrant Bikini Brief. A fantastic compilation of a supportive brief with the sex appeal and slightly revealing cuts of a bikini is what must be prepared for in the same. Made with mesh all over, the brand made sure to provide the breathability. The fun aspect is that you can see through the pair partially but the pouch is what is made with double layer to keep it supported and hidden. The thick piping on the edge of the waistband, as well as the legs, make the appeal stand out.

Crafted with 80% nylon and 20% spandex, there’s no looking back for either comfort or stretch. You can find the various color option available in the same style at


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