Go Retro with Good Devil Bikini

If you have been wondering how can you go retro with your men’s underwear, it is not that difficult. Good Devil has the capability to take you back in that time with its alluring designs, sexy cuts, and sheer underwear styles. One of the products available at be-brief.com that sets perfect for the example is the Good Devil SheerBalls Bikini.

Good Devil SheerBalls Bikini White

The collection of men’s bikini underwear is considered to be the bestseller with men’s thong and g-string underwear. This product in specific is available in other styles as well. So if you want more coverage, check it out. Featuring just the right coverage in the front, the rear covers conventionally. With sides left bare, the pair looks more like jockstraps for men from the front. The sturdy waistband keeps holding on to the body and doesn’t let it ride up or come down .

Good Devil SheerBalls Bikini White

Crafted out of nylon and spandex fabric (which is signature mark of Good Devil), there’s no doubt about the comfort you’re going to experience. In addition, the see-through aspect will let you breathe free. The pouch on the other hand reveals a lot about your personality. What do you want to reveal about yourself? Do let us know in the comments below.


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