Project a perfect front profile with the Bikini

Daniel Alexander Art-Deco Fritz Bikini Classic Print

Underneath fashion plays a very vital role in projecting your attitude. The men’s underwear is not visible like your outer garment, but a stylish piece can boost a lot of confidence in your personality. The men’s bikini of Daniel Alexander is the coolest way to stay ahead of current trend.

DANIEL ALEXANDER ART-DECO FRITZ BIKINI CLASSIC PRINT is one such option that provides a blend of style, sensuality as well as functionality. The print patterns of the underwear can bring colors to your everyday dressing. The high-rise cut allows reasonable amount of skin show. At the back, it features slightly broader fabric than that of thongs. This practical underwear has contoured center pouch for comfort. Other than this, it even features an inbuilt c-string elastic enhancer. The adjustable string can acts like a pouch enhancer. Made of LYCRA, the fabric of the undies includes 91% polyester and 9% spandex.

The assortment of sexy men’s underwear with the signature finishing of Daniel Alexander is available at online underwear store, Delve into the plethora of various underwear style and give a classic edge to your underneath fashion.


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