Proofs you’re a Gown Up Man

You might be in your early forties, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a grown up man. However, the situation can be vice versa and you can be in your early twenties and act like one. There are certain character traits that help you be the man and act as one. It is then when you shed your boyish image and others find you mature enough to be called as a man.   This blog talks about 5 proofs that make you a grown up man who knows his priorities as well as acts like a mature person.

Proofs you're a Gown Up Man

  • You think before you talk

Boys talk abruptly but when it comes to a grown up, he’ll take the time to think about what to speak and would go ahead and do it. He wouldn’t blurt out things that must not be said out in public and would be smart enough to talk sense when among an audience. He won’t even talk anything but will make sure that the words weigh a lot on the other and leaves a lasting impression.

  • You think about the long term investment

Immature guys would think about short term and make goals that are short lived while grown ups take a longer leap to see the future. He would understand that some things need to be sacrificed in order to have a better outcome in the future. Hence, he’ll deal with things in a wiser way.

  • Knows his fashion quotient better

Whether it is a pair of shorts and t-shirt that suits him or a suit with the formal shoes, he’ll know what will look good on him. He would know his outfits as well as his underneath fashion very well and would wear men’s underwear appropriate for the occasions. Whether it is men’s bikini for the every day wear or sheer underwear for romantic occasions, he’ll know his choices well.

  • They stand by their word

We all have had made promises that we broke within a fortnight, even gentlemen do the same. However, once we know the importance of the same, the men who keep their promises are true grown-ups. They would stand by their word no matter what circumstances be.

Is there anything grown ups would do that as boys won’t? Do let us know in the comments below.


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