Why and Why Not Should you have Bikini Underwear?

You must have heard it a numerous number of times that bikini underwear for men is beneficial for the male anatomy as well as the overall personality. On the other hand, some even think that why opt for bikinis when you have men’s brief underwear and other masculine styles?

Daniel Alexander Naval Warfare Slip Bikini Navy

In order to put the justifications to test, this blog lays down the reasons for which or why not you must have the respective men’s underwear style.

Why should you have?

1. Sexier than briefs

When some men consider briefs to be a better alternative, you can always look up to the conventional style and say that bikinis are sexier in terms of look. They are appropriate for times when you want to feel sexy from within.

2. Sex appeal

You cannot compare the sex appeal offered by briefs and bikinis though they look alike but bikinis show off a little more than briefs. Hence, the sex appeal is raised when a clothing article reveals a little skin. When the style is clubbed with mesh underwear, the sex appeal rises a little more.

3. Supports

When men felt the need of something sexier, bikinis were introduced in the men’s apparel industry. Made more like briefs, the support was kept intact in the respective style allowing room for sex appeal and sensuality.

4. Summers

Considered to be the apparel style for summers, bikinis are mostly related to the hot season. It being referred to as sexy, it is the perfect pair that allows you to feel comfortable and hot during the summer months.

Why should you not have?

It rides up the butt crack

Have you ever heard this about bikinis?? Or probably about male thongs? Well, thongs or men’s g-string you might have heard but bikini you rarely would have. However, if you buy the wrong size (mostly looser one), it’ll ride up and cause irritation.

Once laid down the ifs and buts, you are now free to choose the style that you like. All of them are available at erogenos.com.


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