Aspects of Bikini Underwear by Agacio

If you’d read a lot about clothing and underclothing articles, you’d find that majority of them want you to wear them at specific occasions. For example, men’s briefs are meant specifically for work whereas; thong underwear for men is specifically for romantic purposes. Likewise other men’s underwear styles are also designated to different days.

However, have you ever thought where would you wear men’s bikini underwear? The obvious answer to it would be at the beach or poolside. Well, that’s bikini swimwear to be specific but what about underwear? Hence, you can wear a bikini as regular to your work as well as for occasions where looking good is necessary.

This blog talks about the aspects of bikini underwear by Agacio that makes them suitable for a variety of personalities.

1. Wearers

Taking from the very first to the most recent products by the brand, the offerings have been diverse, sexy, functional and modern by the characteristic traits. While the label focuses the functional aspect of the underneath fashion, the new arrivals feature a delectable combination of both fashion and function in the pieces. So, whether you’re into briefs or some other conventional styles, the products in the category won’t disappoint you.

2. Fashionable designs

All the way from the Basics to the newer products, the range of designs that one gets is worth complementing. With solid fabrics, the collection goes all the way to sexy stripes and innovative panel designs that look outstanding, bold stitching on the pouches and a lot more. You can choose from the variety available for you.

3. Contouring pouches

Pouches have always been the concern of Agacio. Since the very starting, the Sack Lifting technique has provided a lot to the manhood. Now, you’d find better options that enhance what you already have down there. With the aim of providing visibility below the belt, the contouring pouches comfort the masculinity with different options. In addition, the label also added a few pieces that feature horizontal fly for easy access.

4. Fabrics

Agacio uses a lot of nylon and spandex with a pinch of other fabrics like polyester or polyamide to make a perfect pair for you. With all these fabrics having different characteristic traits, you can enjoy comfort, breathability, stretch and durability in individual pairs.

Which product appealed to you the most? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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