Make a Flamboyant Entrance with Eye-catchy Bikini Underwear

The awesome styling and expert craftsmanship of Agacio can cater to every need and requirement of men. Only a man can understand the concern of men. Hence, the brand is specifically designed by man for modern male population. Every piece in the assortment of the label can provide the desired style, comfort and support to the wearer. The Agacio Connection Bikini Brief White/Lavender feature the classic finishing of the brand along with the modern technology.

Agacio Connection Bikini Brief White/Lavender

The pouch of the underwear is constructed with the sack-lifting technology that provides natural contraption to the manhood. It keeps the male anatomy away from the body and at an elevated position. The bulge visible from your trouser can bring the attention of your partner to the rightful place. What makes the men’s underwear a must-have is the masculine color combination. The mix of white with black and lavender can suit every skin tone. The fabric composition includes 85% nylon and 15% spandex that adds to the comfort.

Add a flare of sophistication with the provocative bikinis of Agacio. Check out the collection of Wyzman and get your bikini underwear at pocket-friendly prices.


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