Look Good with Otzi Bikini

When the idea is to provide the manhood with something special apart from the necessary support, bikinis are a good source. The best about the technologies and the upgrading features in the men’s underwear industry is that men get to have the best for their most intimate. One of such advancements is the emergence of low rise bikini underwear. The example of the respective style is mentioned in the image above.

The Otzi Height Slip Bikini is an example of a subtle, supportive and stylish apparel style. It features a low rise fit on the waistline in order to prevent it from riding up while you bend or sit. With a solid construction, the minimal fabric covers what needs to be covered leaving the sides as well as a little in the back for show. The pouch has a center seam to provide more comfort while the contouring attributes add to the visibility. The sides of the pouch also has thick piping to make sure that pouch doesn’t move a lot. The seat features minimal coverage leaving 1/3rd of the butts for the show.

95% cotton and 5% spandex is what the pair offers in the long run for all your comfort, support, and other functionalities. Check it out at erogenos.com.


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