Add Comfort with Intymen Bikini Brief

If you have been looking for a collection of men’s bikini brief that is both sexy and supportive, Intymen is your perfect destination. The collection of bikini underwear is a perfect combination of sex appeal, sporty attitude, and comfort below the belt. The product that we’ll be talking about in this blog and the one you can see in the image as well is the Intymen Irreverent Paradise Bikini.

The respective product is all about mesh construction, fancy detailing, supportive/enhancing pouch, sleek design and stylish statement. Featuring mesh all over, the enhanced breathability is what fancies the male anatomy whereas; color combinations is what appeals the eyes. The thick piping makes the waistband as well as the leg bands to keep the pair from riding up. With a seat that is comfortable, the coverage lets others see a bit of the skin.

Made of 78% nylon and 22% spandex, the amount of stretch you get is exceptional. If you take a closer look at the products by Intymen, you’ll find a larger amount of spandex on an average in men’s underwear. Probably because of the sporty appeal, the label provides a comfortable experience for the leg movement.

You check out the color variants in the product at


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