Bikini variants worth trying

Oh yes!! Summers are upon us and now is the time to finally start gearing up for the much-awaited vacation. What are you going to wear below the belt for summers? Bikini? Which bikini underwear style? Will it be low rise or string?

Does it all sound like a foreign language to you? Well, men’s bikini underwear is the name of the style which carries a lot of variants for the diversified personalities. If you too are looking for something that matches your personality and enhances your sex appeal, you must go on and read the blog to find the one men’s underwear that matches your personality.

  • String bikini

    Starting from the skimpiest all the way to the most conventional, string bikinis are the most revealing of them all. Not meant for the faint hearted, the minimal coverage of the respective men’s fashion underwear tailored for the man who knows his interests. Featuring a string waistband, two triangular shaped fabric panels to cover the groin but the sides are left bare. The respective unmentionables can have minimal to the maximum coverage of a man’s backside.

Daniel Alexander Brazilian Back String Bikini

  • Low rise bikini

    Next in queue is the low rise underwear which is crafted especially for the men who love to sport low waist jeans. This is a conventional reasoning but if you take the same into consideration in today’s time, you’d be delighted to sport your chiseled body with the respective style. With high sides, the front takes a dip in order to avoid riding up from the trousers. With low waist trousers much in fashion (and they’re here to stay), these pairs can be quite functional and fashionable for you.

Obviously MEI Metallic Low Rise Bikini Brief

  • Pouch enhancing bikini

    What can be better than having both – a pleasing personality and the visibility even in the pants with just a pair of designer underwear? That’s exactly what pouch enhancing bikinis are made to provide you. The conventional coverage down there with an enhancing pouch designed with inbuilt c-rings or other enhancing contraptions is what you get when you opt for the specific style. Pouch enhancing bikinis can be clubbed with low rise feature as well as are available in conventional coverage.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Brazilian Bikini

  • Brazilian bikinis

    For personalities who believe less is more, the Brazilian bikinis are an ideal option. With an in between coverage of male thongs and bikinis, the respective style is what holds up the goods in one place as well as reveal for the sex appeal. Featuring a cylindrical pouch in the front, the sides of the masculinity are left bare whereas; the back has minimal fabric to cover more than just the butt crack.

Tulio Brazilian Bikini

So, which is your kind of bikini underwear? The features would be helpful for you to decide your perfect style.


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