My sizzling experience with Sheer Underwear

It is almost 2:00 am here and though I have a presentation at work in the morning, I am having a tough time getting some sleep. I think I have reached that point where I need my partner to sneak into the bed every night for me to have a good night sleep. However, he’s not at home and here I am…writing about my personal experience with sheer underwear for the first time.

Though I have written a lot about men’s fashion and the different kinds of men’s underwear that we have but in order to write straight from the heart, I had to buy a pair of see-through underwear and stay in it for the entire day and half a night (till it came off) to feel it, so that I could pen down my experience with the exotic apparel style.

I honestly am a person who wouldn’t try newer things and is satisfied with what I have till someone pokes me. Being a conventional skivvy lover, my closet is filled with brief underwear and boxer briefs with a few bikini underwear as well. After spending 3 months in a relationship, my partner asked me to a date where I could experiment with something new. You know what I meant!! So I planned an bought a pair of men’s bikini underwear crafted in sheer. I thought, “if my partner wants something different, why not surprise him with genuinely something new?”

                   Cover Male Bikini Brief    Cover Male Bikini Brief

Scandalous, skimpy and super hot, this pair embodied everything that I have written about at different time intervals. When I saw the pair on the model, I was not in a state of shock (I blog about the same) but the actual test was when it came to me and I was actually looking at it. Extremely flimsy in terms of the design, it made me look and feel sexy (or different because I had never worn something like before).

On the D-day (the official date) where I was supposed to wear my brand new undergarment to please him, I got up early. Bath, hair removal, moisturizing, shave and everything that made me look pleasing took a lot of time. I had never out in so much of effort getting ready before. Though I sound like a woman, but now I know that men too can take time getting ready. I was being too delicate with the soft sheer because I had this constant fear of tearing it apart if I struggled more.

NOTE: I wasn’t very comfortable at first because I had never worn something so sexy but as time went by, it was an amazingly new experience.

Finally, the date started and we went shopping together and had lunch at our favorite restaurant. We spent some time doing things and talking about stuff and finally came back home. Throughout that time, all I could think of was how will he react when I open up for him. Finally, that moment came! I was holding my breath in anticipation, I flung my trouser and showed him my new sheer underwear.

A moment passed.


And finally…

My partner was overjoyed with the fact that I had something so sensual underneath the entire day. He kissed me throughout and kept on reminding me how happy he was to me in those sheer thongs.

What happened between the sheet later is all a story!!

I am glad I did something like that changed my love life for the better and now I have opened up to the different kinds of sexy underwear available at the men’s underwear online stores.


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