Why are men switching from briefs to bikinis?

With the constant efforts being made in order to make men more aware about their underneath fashion, there’s something very peculiar that I noticed. Men who are brief lovers have started to experiment with bikini for men as well. The men’s underwear style is probably the one that comes across as more attractive to the male population.

Cover Male BikiniThere are a couple of reasons for which men have started to switch from the conventional tighty whiteys to the sexy apparel style. What are they?? Find them below!!

  • The looks:

    If you take a closer look at bikinis, you’d find that the cuts in the style are slightly higher than the conventional ones. In fact, the variety of cuts available in bikinis varies from the traditional style to high Brazilian cuts and barely-there string bikinis. That’s a lot more than being sexy when you compare with the other styles.

  • The support:

    The support is identical in both the styles. Where briefs for men provide a snug fit on the manhood, bikinis to provide the same. In fact, the respective style offered by various brands also have contouring pouches that lift your manhood to the best of their ability and provide you a bigger bulge down there.

  • The designs:

    We certainly do not say that briefs are not designer by nature. In fact, the use of creative inserts of fabric like lace or see through, these sheer underwear makes to be the best of your underneath fashion. Bikinis with smaller fabric coverage make to be more appealing to the eye than the other style. From Aztec print to shimmery textured fabric, the style has it all.

Briefs will certainly be manhood’s best friend but men are showing interest in appealing designer underwear as well. Are there any other features because of which men are adopting bikinis? Do let us know in the comments below.


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