Everything You Need to Know about Bikini’s

Men’s bikini, the underneath style was introduced in the underwear industry long back. It has been doing rounds since then as the innovation of designs, cuts, and styles in them are driving the male population crazy. The reason behind this is they are much more appealing to the eye than the normal men’s brief underwear or trunks. The revealing features add to an enhanced sex appeal.

Many people believe that the reason behind introducing bikinis for men is to attract the opposite sex. However, some brands like Agacio craft bikinis that are not only appealing but are equally functional the carries the manhood with a lot of support and comfort down there.

So, when we say all about bikini’s, why are we only talking about the looks? Don’t worry, below is a brief about the history, construction and the advantages of the attire. Read on to find out.

  • History

    Around the 286- 305 AD bikini’s were adopted as the female novelty. Some of them also donned the attire as normal undergarments. Later, in the 1950s, the apparel was made mandatory for the body builders as it showcased the best of their abs and their well-built body.

  • Construction

    The construction of the above underneath attire incorporates sexy cuts to portray the best of the body. They accentuate the manhood and the lower part of the body to deliver a dashing machoism. Most of them incorporate just a pouch that delivers an enhanced sex appeal while leaving the rest for the show. Some of them also include a low-rise construction that covers the assets but in a sexy way.

Agacio Bikini Brief

  • Advantages

    Below-mentioned are some perks that the men’s bikinis provides to the wearer.

    • Support

      The construction of the men’s underwear can be short structured but, they are equally supportive at the front. The pouch enhancing options incorporated in them offers the best of the front profile while keeping the manhood supported.

      Agacio Bikini Brief

    • Exposure

      Bikini’s are hot attires that are crafted with revealing construction. However, some of them come with decent cuts as well. You can opt for any of them according to your comfort. Some brands like Agacio craft the sexy attires that lack fabric on the sides but do not compromise on the look, fit and feel.

      Agacio Slip Bikini

    • Fabric

      The fabric composition incorporated in the bikinis provides the best of comfort and stretchability down there. Some of them, also include a pinch of spandex / LYCRA that can act as a catalyst for the flexibility.

    • Underwear and swimwear

      The sexy apparel has options for both, underwear and swimwear. Both of them are equally attractive and appealing to the eyes.

      Agacio Slim Swim Bikini

The above men’s underwear spins around these points to present an impressive profile down there. Grab the pieces from the online stores of Agacio.com.


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