A few colors in bikinis that can turn you on

There are a few colors can turn on your partner. It would be something that would make you feel sexy about yourself as well as your partner would find you very appealing.

If you really want your love connection to last forever, there are other things which will bring you both together, but when it comes to intimacy, your men’s underwear color would surely play its part. It might be one of the easiest ways to turn on your partner and let them know how much all this means to you. Whether you take it from the subtle grounds and go all the way to the satisfying edge or be the raunchy guy every woman wants to spend the night with, what matters is that you feel absolutely stunning.


This blog talks about the colors that can turn on a woman when you wear them as your underwear.

  • Red:

    Did you think this was supposed to be on the list? Red is a color of passion and love. It is everything that you need when you want to set things front and forward for your partner. She would know that your sexy underwear is meant to do a lot that night.

Cover Male Daring Seducer Slip Bikini

  • Black:

    The signature color that any woman would die for, black is all about authority, sexiness, and masculinity. You can be the one who sets rules yourself and let your partner obey you. A sexy male bikini with hot cuts on the sides revealing what you have is all you need.

Cover Male Luxury Bikini Brief

  • Silver:

    Have you ever seen the silver/grey color is so alluring? There are erotic underwear brands which offer harnesses, bodysuits for men and so much more than your partner will be awestruck of what the evening might bring for them.

Good Devil Attractive Desire Slip bikini

  • Pink:

    Thinking of lingerie? Well, just to save you in time, men’s panties are here. You can pep up things below the belt and find yourself sinking in the pampering feeling that is provided by the comfortable fabrics like lace or sheer underwear.

Secret Male Bikini

  • Blue:

    Blue is available in a variety of hues to make sure there’s something for every situation. Whether it the royal side of your personality with that dark blue or the softness of turquoise that brightens up your day, blue is loved by you and your partner for the right reasons.

Cover Male Elegance Bikini Brief

Which color would you want to wear for your partner? Do let us know in the comments below.


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