Bikini vs Bikini Brief

You all must have heard a lot about the ever-going and never-ending discussions on men’s underwear styles. Whether it is the which-one-is-better-style fight between men’s brief underwear and boxers or thong underwear and men’s g-strings, the tussle has been going on for years now.
Kyle Slip Bikini
Intymen Bikini Brief

Talking about which style, you should also be looking at bikini briefs for men and the bikini underwear. The two styles are individual fashion underwear styles that have their respective character traits which make them functionally acceptable by the diversified men’s population.

Having said about that, let us take a look at the differences of both the styles below.

The coverage

The very first difference between bikinis and the bikini briefs is that of the coverage. While the former offers fabric coverage from the navel (or the spot where you wear your elastic waistband) to the slightly above buttocks whereas; the latter has a coverage between the briefs for men and bikinis. Hence, the bikini show off a little more than the other style.

The pouch

The next in queue is the pouch that probably should concern you the most. While the bikinis are inspired by briefs for men and offer a snug fit, the other style features both snug fit pouches as well as pouch enhancing underwear styles. So, you can pick the style you want with all your preferences.

With these two differences, you have a lot of similarities between both the styles. Including the designs, sexiness and the charm, and so much more. Which style do you prefer to wear? Do let us know in the comments below.


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