Go minimal and stylish with Daddy Bikini

When Daddy Underwear came into being the one thing that was observed by everyone was that the men’s underwear had the potential to become an erotic label. With a collection of fashion underwear styles, Daddy has come a popular way.

Daddy Bikini Underwear

The Daddy Bikini is a low cut bikini for men that sits extremely low on the waistline providing you the absolutely stunning appeal. With a minimal coverage below the belt, the design is very unique. With a pointy pouch that elongates with the manhood, the visibility stays high. With no fabric in the sides, it is only the strings that handle the pouch on the sides. As the fabric moves behind, the conventional coverage of a bikini takes over.

Daddy Bikini Underwear

With 90% nylon and 10% spandex as the basic fabric, you’ll be able to look as well as feel comfortable down there. That’s not it! The stretch is kept minimal because the sides have no fabric. Hence, there’s a lot to be happy about.

Find out the colors and price of the sexy underwear at Wyzman.


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